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This walk is from Horncastle to Woodhall Spa and is called its basic name The Spa Trail or - Coronation Walk, or The Old Viking Way (as parts of it are), The River Bain Walk. It is part of the old tow path along the River Bain and part of the old railway track. It is full of nature, green fields, the river, trees, birds - I could go on. Approximately 6 miles and, if possible, after you've wandered over the golf course, you might end up at the fabulous and historic Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa. What bliss...

My plan for part of this blog is to go out and about - justmeandlilley - to eateries, overnight stays, hiking and all the other stuff. I want to treat it like a mini solo trip advisor. Feed back the response of other diners, staff etc. to the older person sitting/staying on own. Because I know from experience it can be mixed.

It would be great if you could do the same. We will choose the best ones to include in each week's reviews.

I like to stay in holiday cottages, justmeandlilley, of course. Am I being picky here but why am I paying the same price for said cottage as, say, a raucous family of six? On my own I create no mess. In fact you wouldn't know me and dog had visited your cottage.

There are stories to tell about holidaying as an AWOC.

Because going solo is not always an easy thing to do, be it dining out, holidaying or just walking. At justmeandlilley we understand because we/I have been there, many times. Together we will overcome any obstacles that going solo can present.

Waling in nature, being in nature seems to put stuff into perspective, somehow. So soothing. Being alone in nature is the best medicine of all.

You know, if you just DO IT it get's done - doesn't it?

(the above to be undertaken only under strict, government, covid guidelines).



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