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If you are not living without children, but you’re sufficiently intrigued to read on, you are also very welcome.

I knew nothing of AWOC or Ageing Without Children, until the ephemeral lockdown turned up. I had to shield and discovered a whole new world of aloneness. Just me and Lilley, my dog. It was blissful, for a while, then as Christmas approached it wasn't.

Talk was all of families not being able to meet, grandparents stood weeping at front doors. No talk of me and others like me.

But listen…

As someone who is living alone without children, I’m accepting of my aloneness.

And hear this…

…as a childless and ageing person I'm accepting of my familial lack…

But I want the world to hear and know about us.

Living Without Children

Childless and Ageing

Let us shine a light on our childlessness.

Whether it be living or ageing without children or other relevant reasons.

Being childless and ageing (and ageing without children means anyone over 40 plus) is a societal fact that could well turn into a problem if society doesn't address and accept the numbers and data of those of us who are ageing without children.

There are many diverse groups of people who are Ageing Without Children (listed in another post).

I know some of the problems one can face.

We can talk about them in later posts.

And I'm very capable - at the moment.

If I become incapable - as a person living without children…? Is access to assistance, including social care, available?

Along with TED Ageing Better Team, East Lindsey, we have been working together/alongside, to promote and raise awareness of this to officials, including MPs. Please refer to TED Ageing Better, East Lindsey at lincsymca.



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