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This is the Caring View podcast featuring Ageing without Children Directors Paul Goulden, Kirsty Woodard and Just Me & Lilley's Trish Faulks. Discussing the issues around social care and Ageing Without Children (AWOC).

Paul and Kirsty spoke about the reasons they set up AWOC, they are both childless by circumstance as am I.

It was a fascinating discussion, especially for myself, as I'm from a sales/marketing background and all of these wonderful people are from the heart of social care. Consequently, it was something of a learning exercise for me.

It's clear social care is in dire need of reform and funding.

All of the people working in this sector deserve our support and our collective voices.

As a sector it also needs staff.

Most of all it needs more funding.

On our podcast, Paul and Kirsty were able from their first hand knowledge of social care, to speak about the (for example) lonely men and women who sit alone in a care home. No visitors and often, because of time, no attention.

So many of the above residents are AWOCs. Maybe they have been advised, or it's been suggested, they go into a care home due to their solitary status. The majority of them will, of course, be paying for the privilege. Failing that, it's paying for visiting social care.

Because the fact is, so many awocs have to pay for their care. So do many of the older people with families but, quite often, families do step up to the plate and help with care. AWOCs do not have that option.

Take a listen and watch to the following. Let me know what you think:

You'll need to click the link below to listen and watch the podcast.



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