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Magic and Hope. Mystical mysteries...

LILLEY WRITES A CHRISTMAS STORY of magic and hope. Belief that the mystery of the universe is purely to love - and Be Kind.

Lilley and I had walked our River Bain stroll for a couple of miles so we were tired. We needed to rest awhile. I slumped down on our favourite bench, situated at the halfway point along the route. Lilley naturally jumped up to join.

After she'd nuzzled my ear for several seconds, I agreed to let her take over the narrative in her own unique style. To be honest, I was so weary it was a relief to hand it over to the hairy one. Goodness knows what she does with it. As my eyes closed. I was simply 'resting 'em'. Be back with you in a minute - or so...

"And it's over to me. Me - Lilley - the most beautifulest, most hairiest, most daftiest dogleg in the whole, widest world.

Thank you fictionary corner for all of that.

Boy oh boy...I am so fuzzdy duzzdy. Me little 'ead is all of a glow. I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. I will whisker now so only you lot can hear. Something strangle has happened. To me and memum. I call it giddy goldie. See that's how it feels - like I'm giddy with the goldie. D'yer get it? The goldie light. Please try to get it otherwise it’s going to be hard work.

I must relayze this tale then. Honestly, if one of you so much as breathes while I'm relayzing. It's a spell - d'you understand now? So stop breathing. I'm about to relayze.

Well, me and memum are on our faves walk along the River Bint -

Baint - forget it. - .along the River Baint and it was late on. The sun was over the lard arse.

You see it was late in the later of the day. Lovely it was. Apparently, when we get home it's treeinthefrontroom time, again, so we 'ad a plan for hanging prettyballys when we got back. Scrummy mummy.

But, we'd walked slowly and the trees whispered while the birds whistled. Poet/don't I know it?

Anyway, I could tell memum was tired by now, so, when we got to our seat -and I say 'our seat' 'cos no body else ever sits on it but us - we sat. It's what I call our magic seat. Lovely sitting - just me and memum looking out over the fields and that. Sometimes a funny little birdie with a red splodge comes and sits with us. I could 'ave 'im to be honest but I know what I'd get. Apparently it's called a clip round the ear 'ole.

So I 'old meself back and allow birdie to whistlez. Memum had her eyes closed. I leaned up against 'er 'cos I was weary as well. All of a sudden I 'ear footsteps and this young lady comes round the tree bend. Ooh she did look so tired and wearisome. Her coat was hanging on floor and she was wearing sandley things on her feet. But guess what? Poor lady 'ad a basket thing on her back with what looked like a babby in it. Memum was still dozying so I thought I'd do the 'onners. I stood up to me full height and wagged at 'em. You know when you put your doggie smile on? I tried to move over so she could sittie down but she smiled at me. Ooh I felt a warm shiver. Like a big oven gone on inside me tummy. Then - a man was there. An older than 'er man with a beard like mine.. He took babby out of basket so lady could sit for a bit. Poet/don't I know it -again. I tried to wake memum up but bloody 'ell. Out for count.…

The man put babby on its mummie's kneezies. Being all friendly, like, I put me pawzies on 'er leg. Babby opened its eyes and looked straight at me. I know I was a naughty girl for doing this, but babby was so bootiful I just had to kiss its cheek. And then its ear. The man smiled at me. They spoke to each other but it was a funny speak. I didn't understand the wordage.

He tried to say something about a long way. What was? Symmia? I didn’t get it. He made rowing the boat ashore signs. I do know the song, you see.

The man was pointing to a shed thing in distance, over the fields and showing the lady. Surely not to take a babby to sleep in? Them woolly thingies use it. And they baa baa like they are now - racketing. And the blasted donk, or whatever its called. I've seen its back end coming out of shed.

The poor mummy looked so tired I wanted memum to wake up so we could take 'em 'ome with us.

All of a sudden, the babby opened its eyes again and looked at the big stuff up there in the air regions. The blue but now going grey area. Sky - that's the one. The lady called babby something like the name of my hairy doggy mate James?

The James babby looked straight at me. I swear that's when it 'appened, like. I had to lay down on me pawzies. Memum said she could hear me crying in her sleep. She could not. I was not crying in 'er sleep. Or anybody elses' sleep. Me - cryin’? Huh.

The mummy kissed me 'ead. The man held me 'ead. But all I could see was the babby's face and eyes.

Suddenly, there was a shiny glitter ball. A bit like that Strictly. I couldn't see babby anymore. I had to close me eyes 'cos it was making 'em weepy like.

(This is a photo of the Full Cold Moon, December 2020)

When I opened my eyes again - memum 'ad woked. How could I tell 'er what it was all about? I'm a doggie.

The tired man and lady had gone. With babby. No sight nor sound. Gone. The bright light was a tiny teeny little glitter ball in the blue grey stuff called Sky. It'd gone right dark, yet the sun had come out with its Strictly thingy. Made me eyes squirty.

So I looked up and, in me head, I said 'hello'. (No idea why I said that, don't ask me). And then I wished. To the sky. I wished -

'Please come and see me again, won't you, nice lady and man? Me and memum will wait for you on our seat.'

'Good luck little babby.'"

Lilley? Have you been asleep too? We are a pair, aren't we? I think you were dreaming, Lil I heard you squeaking. Were you dreaming you soppy old thing?

"I was not dreaming, memum. It was all real..."



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