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Memum weren't half cross when I jumped in the puddle and came out looking like this. He! He! I felt so free and happy that day. It was one of our favourite walks. She says it's Lord Tennyson's old place called Somersby (or summat like that) in Lincolnshire. Didn't care where it was by then, to be honest.

I worry about memum. Some days I can tell she's so sad and unhappy. Because I'm a little dog doesn't mean I don't know when she's down. Trouble is it makes me worry. It's not my fault is it? I don't mean to cause crossness. Jumping in the mire is only a bit of fun.

She kind of saved me, you see. When I was tiny. Things were pretty bad for me and I'd become too terrified to hardly move or stand up. But memum turned up out the blue, took me in her arms all those years back, and I gave her my best dewy-eyed look. Life would be better with her, I just knew. Anyway, she took me home where we live now, and after many weeks, I became normal. Shut up, at the back!

Trouble is, I keep worrying that if I am really naughty I'll get taken back, again. She tells me all the time she can't live without me. I'm not surprised, to tell you the truth...I am kind of special. I get proper jealous when she fusses another dog or one of those fierce, furry things with a long swishing tail. A coat? Cat? No thanks, I've never been close enough to find out, mate...

Pets and all animals - we're are special though, aren't we? See, memum is on her own. Just me and her. No one. So, I am incredibly special. But being on your own - Is that why memum feels sad, sometimes? I forget she's getting on, a bit. S'pose it doesn't really matter what age you are if you have no one, does it?

So glad memum came by that day and picked me. I reckon I saved her life...

Look, I'll nip in again and let on what's been happening. Just wanted to tell the rest of my tribe - get in that pond and roll about a bit. See what happens!

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