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Should we offer more support to those who are ageing, alone and/or with mental health issues?

Issues that may be triggered by the loneliness of being ignored? Because we are ageing and alone.

After all, we are supposed to be avoiding placing people into care homes if at all possible. By utilising communities, perhaps?

Communities - please get involved.

On that note, I do have a cunning plan and have spoken about it to people who I'm hoping can help. Nothing can be divulged at this stage and it's more than likely that nothing ever will be (🙏please help it to work. If there is someone up there who is listening could you lend a spiritual hand? Thank you…😇) but updates will be given.

Actually, a correction - my idea will be divulged at some stage because I want feedback and I need help with it.

So, I'm whispering this because I really do want my communities' idea to be taken up and to work. I will put my whole self and being into making it work. Not just for my sake but for those who come after. But, big but, any 'people that matter' i.e. local or district councillors in particular those I have written or spoken to - do me and yourselves a favour - listen to those of us who know what we're talking about. Those of us who are Ageing Without Children or alone without anyone. Not 'your mates'. Just for once - listen to the voices of experience. Thank you very much…

Because everyone seems to be talking about communities. As if they are the golden ticket to all of our ageing problems.

Certainly, communities could be utilised far more than they are at present. But they do need organising and supervising. Ideas need formalising. Otherwise nothing will happen - will it?

I am trying to speak to those that matter. It's not easy, especially during the festive season.

But, if we don't involve and use our communities; allow our communities to see themselves as one of the most important tools in the box, then I don't see how we can, or will, survive the coming years without chaos ensuing.

Being proactive and not reactive always works best.

Our communities hold the key to a future that is functional. Our communities must be utilised, organised and altruistic once more.

Communities sit up and listen. 👂👂

In the meantime, for future 'chats' I feel we need a lawyer to speak to us. Either by zoom or by article but we need to open up the conversation about end of life decisions. In particular, for those of us without family.

Certain animal charities would be good regarding their recommendations for pets and the elderly. Let's get then onboard, also.

Becoming ill, going into hospital, dying are big but necessary subjects for anyone, but in particular for those of us who are AWOCs with no family to discuss with.

Worrying about any of the above, often worrying alone, can trigger mental health issues.

Don't worry alone.

Worry here, if you so desire…

Please feel free to use the space on this site to write in with comments or ideas.

This is a photo of the River Bain, or the Canal Walk, from Horncastle to Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. It is a favourite walk of me and Lilley's. So peaceful and inspiring, as nature so often is. Being mindful and in the moment can seem like cod psychology but it really does work. If certainly does the trick for me when I'm feeling down. Take the green route...



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