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You have no idea how long it took to get her to wear her hat and look at the lens. Diva!

Apologies for being a tad late with our Yuletide greetings but justmeandlilley hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you all a peaceful, successful (whatever that means for you) New Year.

It passed very quietly for me and her.  One of the quietest I've known and it was alright.  We got through it but is that acceptable?  We got through it?  Whilst others were whooping it up in family groups with kids and grandkids many of us were 'getting through it'.

Does anyone care?  I don't think they do.  They'll all pay lip service to it but most won't have given a flying wotsername about the elderly person alone.

A very good friend of mine, (we facetimed over Christmas) was telling me how she and her husband (they are childless) have been helping their elderly neighbour who has been left on his own. When she explained what they (and others in their avenue) have been doing to help said neighbour I was intensely jealous.

They are childless - is that the clue?  The families are too busy thinking about their own activities.

Some would say, fair enough.  I would say 'bit selfish'.  Bit mouthy when it comes to telling the world what should be done - I'm talking about myself now.

Unless commuities, neighbourhoods, families et al come together and start to actually care about what exists outside their own darned walls nothing will change.  And old people will still die alone, be carted off into Homes, or live lonely lives.  Whilst you all continue to utter the word 'community' like a panacea. I will now be accused of being a miserable old git - can't deny it. Sometimes the truth hurts.

No one is asking you to invite the person to move in.  Just take them a piece of Christmas cake and sausage roll.  Make then a cuppa and stay for half hour chat.  That's all. Repeat - that is all.  And if you're going to invite someone, invite them propertly and with intent.  Not a casual 'you know you're always welcome'.   Thanks.  I'll take that one to my grave shall I?

'You know you're always welcome'.  Where? When? Who by?

Personally, I think vulnerable folk - and that includes many groups of people, particularly on their own - simply need to know someone two doors down cares and that person (and others) has your number in case they need help.  You have theirs in case you don't see or hear them around for more than a day or so.

This may come as 'old fart' blather to many but it's what we all used to do, back in the day.

What happened?

My FaceTime friend told me I'm a bit of an enigma.  Mysterious, as I've been accused of being in the past.  Not at all - just boring.  Although I do have quite some tale to tell behind the mask.  True!  They may have to kill me first (and I'm not joking, by the way. MI5 is alive and well in suburbia).

No - before it is uttered - nothing to do with my ex.  Right? Those that 'know' know.

We're going to go now but not before we've wished upon you all including the whole, wide world (and by God, it needs it right now)  a successful, fulfilling - mostly happy but mostly peaceful - 2024.

As I've said - see you on the other side Lilliputs (not sure if that word is copyrighted or taken but what the heck).

We love you all!

We may have used something like this one before but I've only gone and broke the camera - again. I must go buy yet another one tomorrow (shops open?) as well as look at houses - that's right. You heard....we are busy people!


2 comentarios

27 dic 2023

Same here, fully understand and in the same boat. Sending lots of love. So enjoy reading your updates :-) thank you!

Me gusta

27 dic 2023

I fully understand your situation as I am in the same boat. I hope you have a peaceful and comfortable New Year.

Me gusta
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