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Just me and Lilley go everywhere together. It is very much easier to have her as my 'escort' on outings.

Apart from that she's been my only companion this past year. Do I have conversations with the dog? Damn right, I do. Who the hell else would there be? I'm childless and ageing, remember?

Sometimes friends will phone. (I'm not sure all of them are friends, to be perfectly honest, but that's another one I'll park, for now).

My life has been extraordinary, these past 8-10 years. Particularly since my late partner died. I want to talk about it and tell you, but it may have to wait, awhile. I know one thing - you won't believe it.

Day by Day

So what is my typical day?

What is YOUR typical day? Do tell…😉

Well, I can honestly say, my life has changed from when I first started writing this blog. Apart from the breakfast, let dog out etc. etc. bit, life is close to becoming full time work. And I'm not sure about that, if I'm being honest. Still, I've started now so better finish.

Nowadays life is social media driven. I'm slow at this lark so it takes me much longer to tweet on twitter, fiddle about on Facebook and post photos on Instagram. Somebody said something about TikTok - I mean - come on. However, learning how to make and edit a video has almost done for me. Computer people can't talk in normal language nor teach in a slow and paced manner.

Goodness, I do struggle, sometimes.

I wrote on here before that it might sound boring - the former life when things were slow and normal for someone my age. You remember those times when you were at work, and you longed for life to be boring? I'm like that. My life generally goes from one extreme to the other so I guess it's watch this space? I am asking...

Someone suggested we 'do' a virtual coffee morning on twitter via a 'platform' called StarLeaf. No, me neither.

Anyway, I found myself agreeing. It's coming up soon, so I'll let you know. We have our required number of attendees, already. Some of these people are high up in social care. What the hell am I doing there?

It feels not that different from when I was dashing from one charming bungalow to another in Skegness. I used to be an estate agent with my own business (eventually). True. True. (In case of doubters - you never know do you?). Obviously one didn't lounge about sipping coffee and munching warm scones. One had houses to sell. One was permanently on the road, munching KFC chips at 3pm for lunch.

Sorry, back to the main theme...

All social media links are on the resources page

Any of you - what would your day be like if perfect? Perhaps it already is - please tell the rest of us so we can copy.



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