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With no babysitting duties and, possibly no partner, you can hog the bed.

The drawbacks are if you are on your own and taken ill in middle of the night who do you tell?

As an AWOC you PAY. You pay for a 24 hour alarm system to be installed.

I repeat - as an AWOC you PAY…


I believe you do learn self awareness being on your own. It's not to say you don't learn by being in company. But being solely in your own company teaches you survival skills and being 'aware' is, or should be, one of them.

Someone has to know you so it might as well be you.

I recently read an article bestowing the virtues of talking to onesself.

To be honest, talking to myself has been the only way I've learnt anything. I've learnt about me. And I learnt to like me…

Anyway, who the hell else am I to speak to? The dog, certainly.

The dog and I have 'conversations'. That dog absolutely knows me. Does that make me a sad old soul? Probably.

Care? Not much.

I talk to the dog ☺️

As I garden, which I do on an ad hoc basis, talking to the plants and trees is a delight. Does anyone remember when HRH Prince Charles was heard chuntering to the nearest estate oak? How we laughed. Now we follow suit. If we've any sense we'll understand these magnificent examples of nature's wonderfulness have a soul. When they are chainsawed to the ground some people swear they hear the screams of Mother Earth's sadness as yet another natural wonder is killed in the name of we humans' need and greed.

If you don't talk to your plants or a passing forest you may need to take a look at your soul. So say we fey folk.

Do try it. It's wholesome and satisfying. No one answers back yet - sometimes - just sometimes, if you get to be really fey, you might hear an answer on the wind. I'm only saying...

Anyway, back to the main theme. You see, all the above is why the movement for 'less children, save the planet' starts to form. I don't agree with those sentiments. What are we going to have? A world of old folk lumbering about? Don't be silly. Of course we need our children.

Some of us would have liked the chance to try it. All I'm saying.



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