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I want to tell you a STOOORIE (a distorted quote from the late, great comedian Max Bygraves. Did I tell you I played golf with his drummer and served Mr Bygraves his breakfast once? At the wonderful North Shore Golf and Country Club, Skegness, during the 80s. One of my many jobs but probably my favourite place of work).

I have many stooories… 🤭

Anyway, so there I was - sailing through the huge, vaccination centre, Boston, Lincolnshire, like part of a coordinated convoy of excitable lab rats espying the golden gates of freedom through the double doors back to the car park. (It was amazing, if I'm honest. Apologies for the irreverence).

Until it came to the last but one desk (the one before the needle desk).

Two lovely ladies sat at desk, filling in patient details, heads down. One, pen poised, didn't look up. Me - stood calmly, waiting…

She: 'Next of kin?'

Me, pause, breath, quietly reply: 'I don't have any'.

Two heads look up: 'Eh?'

Me: 'I don't have any - next of kin'.

Them: 'Auntie, nieces, sister..?'

Me: 'I don't have any family'.

Them, heads down, embarrassed: 'Don't worry about it. It'll be fine. You're alright, love…'

Me, shuffles off to the needle desk. Double jabbed.

That's it.



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