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It”s highlighted the great divide and the blatant disregard for ME and YOU, childless people, and here’s why:

What I'm trying to say is that lockdown was/is not the great, community experience for everyone as is being touted. It has exposed a lack of social awareness, particularly in the family environment. The family environment has become too exclusive rather than inclusive. How is that going to pan out for the future generations? We have become a Me, Me society but we indulge ourselves (via the media) regarding our, so called, loving and caring natures. We think we are. Sticking up a meme on Facebook does not a caring person make. Making a heart with your fingers …(emoji insert, someone, ❤️ thank you).

Living or ageing without children is not an illness to be avoided. We are not weird. We would like to be included, please.

I'm not begging but I am politing requesting that families et al give thought to the person/people living on their own in the house two doors up seemingly alone. Maybe even lonely? Is it so hard to offer a hand of neighbourly friendship occasionally?

Please prove me wrong on this. Just do it...



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